Content Marketing

Customers have global access to information, and they’re constantly searching for content to solve their problems and inform their buying decisions. Putting the right kind of content in front of them is a powerful strategy to attract the right leads and convert them. Whether you want to attract, convert, or retain more customers – valuable content is an effective way to develop stronger relationships with prospects and customers.

Content marketing is often referred to as lead nurturing and is a proven method for turning prospects into customers. Good content keeps your brand front-and-centre with potential customers and builds trust over time. It’s also an important foundation for search engine optimisation and being found through organic search results.

There is a lot of content available on the internet and a lot of it is terrible. The secret of good content is knowing your audience, researching and planning what type of content would interest them and what format it should take e.g. blog, article, infographic, video, images and how best to reach your audience.

Together we’ll spend time understanding your audience, researching what content would interest or inspire them and then create a content plan for your chosen time period. If you don’t have time to implement the plan yourself, I can also manage this for you with content creation, design, posting management and analytics.

Content Marketing Strategy

$240Content Plan

Implementation/Content Creation

$60Per Hour

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