Digital Marketing Consulting

My ambition is to help small business owners develop and implement a digital marketing strategy by providing affordable on-site marketing consulting.


On-Site Consulting

$60Per Hour

Vivid Marketing Owner: Liz

Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager
You need an experienced person, but not full time.

Digital marketing covers lead generation, PPC, SEO, website design, social media, PR, content creation and more. It’s no wonder that these things can’t always be done with the in-house team. Maybe your current team doesn’t have the digital skills, or the time, or you don’t have the budget to hire more in-house resources.

Outsourcing can also benefit your business with training and coaching available for your in-house team.

Maybe you need an additional project resource, or someone with specific skills and the capacity to work alongside your team.

This is where Vivid Marketing shines.

I created Vivid Marketing because I want to help small Australian businesses thrive online, and am offering my marketing and digital experience at affordable prices. You can view my complete work history on my LinkedIn profile.

You can choose between on-site consulting or external freelancing services, or a mixture to suit your budget.

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