Digital Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

Digital Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem
June 29, 2016 Liz

Guest Post: Brad Shorr, Straight North

created by Straight North, a professional SEO company


Your Internet marketing campaign’s lead generation component is a complicated and sophisticated machine — or at least, it should be. For many Internet marketers, the lead generation components of their efforts are missing far too many pieces to be as effective as they should be. This means they miss crucial opportunities to connect with new customers and build their brands because their lead generation campaigns aren’t functioning at their fullest potential. In most of these cases, the reason for why these campaigns don’t function as well as they should is simple: These marketers built their campaigns without having a blueprint to show them how to do it.

We at professional SEO agency Straight North have spent a lot of time delving into what makes lead generation campaigns successful. We’ve dissected and disassembled them, studying each and every aspect of them to understand how they all fit together to perform the larger task of driving new sales leads to their respective companies. In that time, we’ve identified the essential elements that successful lead generation campaigns need to have in order to appeal to and connect with all the various types of website visitors. For example, highly sharable social media posts help attract people who may not be aware they need a product or service until they see something shared by a friend on their feeds. On the other hand, people who already are interested but want to research before buying may be influenced by authoritative case studies or customer testimonials.

These and other components are essential for lead generation campaigns, but there are far too many for all but the most experienced Internet marketer to commit to memory. That’s why having a blueprint can be an important first step for Internet marketers, and it’s why we’ve developed the infographic you see below. With this blueprint of the lead generation ecosystem as one of your resources, you can build a campaign that functions as effectively as possible, without anything missing.

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a professional SEO company headquartered in Chicago. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Brad has been featured in leading online publications including Forbes, Moz and American Marketing Association.

Liz is the owner of Vivid Marketing and Cat Lovers. She has a well-rounded business background within small and large organisations, as well as over 7 years experience in marketing. Liz's ambition is to help small business owners promote their business through digital channels.