Introducing Cat Lovers, My Online Store!

Introducing Cat Lovers, My Online Store!
April 14, 2017 Liz
Mug Gifts for Cat Lovers

Since the end of last year, I’ve been quietly plotting a plan to launch my very own online business. It all came about two weeks out from Christmas. I was at my kitchen table, which doubles as my home office. I was working on a client’s project and drinking coffee from my favourite cat mug, which I bought almost ten years ago at the supermarket.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I was looking at my cat mug, and I thought, ‘it would be great to get a few more mugs to go with this one’. So, I jumped onto Google and started searching for cat-themed mugs. I was really disappointed because I couldn’t find any cat mugs that were simply cute or pretty. Then an idea struck me. There are probably other cat loving ladies that would like pretty cat-themed mugs as well. Surely, I’m not the only one? That same day, I registered the name Cat Lovers and started contacting mug manufacturers for quotes.

And that’s how it all began: Cat Lovers – Beautiful Cat-Themed Tea & Coffee Mugs

Honestly, the hardest part was making the time to work on creating the business. Between creating the designs, organising samples with the manufacturer and building the website, it was really difficult to keep the momentum going because I initially had a mentality that I would work on Cat Lovers when my Vivid Marketing to-do list was complete. You can guess what happened, the to-do list was always packed full, and my Cat Lovers dream was waiting by the sidelines.

The best thing I did was to treat Cat Lovers like a client and actually schedule the work in with everything else I had going on. I also had no choice but to part ways with some clients to free up time. I felt guilty for weeks, but something had to give. My strategy worked, suddenly I had pockets of time to spare on weeknights and weekends, and everything began to come together.

I finished the designs and sent them off to be manufactured. That was the point of no return. I had parted with a large amount of savings and had to charge on. I finished the website and organised printed materials that would be sent out with the orders.

Cat Lovers is the ultimate test of my business acumen and marketing ability. The long-term goal is to do what I love (I really am super crazy about cats) and be financially free; I suppose that’s everyone’s goal? I love consulting so much, so I see myself doing both comfortably.

I’m also passionate about sharing what I learn with others, so I plan to continue blogging with some articles dedicated to what I’m doing with Cat Lovers. I welcome anyone interested in coming along for the journey. Feel free to join the blog newsletter, and I’ll email you when I’ve posted new articles.

The Cat Lovers Marketing Plan at a Glance

  1. The distribution channel is primarily the e-commerce website
  2. Social media platforms: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  3. Paid Advertising: Google AdWords and Google Shopping
  4. Opportunities to attend and supply pet-themed events
  5. PR opportunities and giveaways (partnership opportunities with pet stores and manufacturers)
  6. Email newsletter
  7. Cat-themed blog articles

I’m already working on the next few cat-themed mug designs, so, exciting times ahead!

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Liz is the owner of Vivid Marketing and Cat Lovers. She has a well-rounded business background within small and large organisations, as well as over 7 years experience in marketing. Liz's ambition is to help small business owners promote their business through digital channels.